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The Indonesian coach ignored the Vietnamese team in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers

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Lucky draws have brought Vietnam to a charming group with the UAE, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia teams in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

In addition to the UAE, the remaining teams are all too familiar with Vietnam in the tournaments of Southeast Asia. Especially Indonesia, an opponent with too many predestined relationships with Vietnam.

The fate of Vietnam and Indonesia is once again extended

However, unlike Vietnam, which respects its opponents, the Indonesian coach is only interested in Thailand and ignores the presence of “Golden Stars”.

Accordingly, when sharing about 3 Southeast Asian opponents in the same group, coach Simon McMenemy affirmed that Thailand is the most notable team:

“The Thai team has been the number one team in Southeast Asia over the years. And this time, they will be even more powerful with the presence of the new Japanese coach – who fought with the Green Samurai in the 2018 World Cup.

The confrontation with Malaysia – Indonesia’s great rival also promises to be very interesting and tense. I hope 80,000 Indonesian spectators will come to the stadium and cheer us on that special match.”

Meanwhile, all that the Indonesian captain was impressed with about Vietnam was just past confrontations:

“For Vietnam, the match against them when I was the coach of the Philippines in 2010 changed my life.”

Simon McMenemy
In the past, coach Simon McMenemy helped the Philippines beat Vietnam

The reason why the Scottish strategist talked about Vietnam like that was because he had helped the Philippines won 2-0 at My Dinh. And that is the basis for him to confidently repeat history in the qualifying round next.

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