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Thailand lost 2 pillars of attack before the great war with Vietnam

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Before the match with rival Thailand, Vietnam Tel is receiving good news when the two names of the team from the land of the Golden Temple, Teerasil Dangda and Adisak Kraisorn, are both injured and have not scheduled a return date.

thai lan mat 2 tru cot hang cong truoc dai chien voi viet nam
Dangda and his teammate Adisak Kraisorn have not recovered from their injuries

According to information from the assistant of Muangthong United club, both stars on this team’s attack are injured and in the immediate future, the duo will not be able to play in the match against Port The club is ranked 3rd on the Thai league table on August 11.

The absence of these two strikers will be a difficult problem for coach Nishino as he will have to rely more on attacking midfielders because the attacking power will be significantly worn out without a middle-class center. grant.

thai lan mat 2 tru cot hang cong truoc dai chien voi viet nam 1
Coach Nishino will have a headache to solve the attack problem

In fact, in the domestic tournament, both Dangda and Kraisorn are not showing high performance, the total number of goals of these two strikers has only stopped at 7 (Dangda 4 goals, Kraisorn 3 goals). , while both have played 15 and 16 matches, respectively, an alarming signal for Thailand.

Remember, after the draw for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Asia ended, coach Nishino was still very confident to beat Vietnam, but with the preparations until now, he will It is hard to believe in the favorable results for War Elephants in the next 2 confrontations with Vietnam Tel.

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