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Head coach of the Thai team for the second time “watched” Van Lam

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At the weekend, Muangthong United had a trip to Port FC SCG in the 23rd round of Thai League. This is a match with the participation of many players in the squad of the Thai team in the upcoming tournaments.

More specifically, Muangthong United is also the club where goalkeeper Dang Van Lam of the Vietnamese team is playing.

This match had the appearance of a very special audience that was the new coach of the Thai team, Akira Nishino.

Akira Nishino
Coach Akira Nishino attended the match of Muangthong United

Immediately after being appointed as the head coach of the Thai team, the Japanese teacher immediately embarked on the job of recruiting personnel for all levels to aim high in the upcoming tournaments, especially in the upcoming tournaments. World Cup 2022 second qualifying round.

This is the second time the Thai captain has attended a Muangthong match. Before that, he was also present in the stands of SCG Stadium in round 19 of Thai League to attend the match between Muangthong and Chiangrai United.

Attending matches will help him choose the best names to fill in the national team summons list.

Moreover, this can also be considered as an opportunity for the Japanese strategist to monitor Van Lam and discover the weaknesses of the Vietnamese goalkeeper.

In the second qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup, Thailand will face coach Park Hang Seo’s army in the opening match on September 5.

Akira Nishino
Coach Akira Nishino will face Coach Park Hang Seo on September 5

Researching and finding out the strengths and weaknesses of the number 1 goalkeeper of the Vietnamese team is also absolutely necessary for the new head coach of Thailand before an important match in September.

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