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Because of the World Cup, Coach Park Hang Seo was forced to change the SEA Games plan

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2019 was a busy year for Vietnamese football. Besides the SEA Games, we also have to attend the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

With the close match schedule with the forces of the National team and U23 Vietnam having to depend on each other, Mr. Park was quite a headache.

And to be able to accomplish both the World Cup and SEA Games goals, the Korean teacher had to change his plan.

Previously, Coach Park Hang Seo asked VFF to give him 5 weeks to prepare for the goal of winning SEA Games gold.

However, after the World Cup qualifying match schedule was scheduled, Mr. Park and VFF agreed to shorten the training time of U23 Vietnam ahead of the 2019 SEA Games.

Coach Park Hang Seo will shorten the training time of U23 Vietnam

This is a breakthrough decision because in the past, Vietnam often did not set World Cup qualifiers as the number one goal.

Sometimes these matches even become places to test squads for regional playgrounds such as SEA Games or AFF Cup.

But with recent progress, plus the 2022 World Cup qualifiers and the 2023 Asian Cup qualifiers, the Vietnamese team is aiming for the top spot of Group G to reach phase 3.

Mr. Park will sacrifice U23 Vietnam to realize the goal of the World Cup

Hopefully with his calculations, Coach Park Hang Seo will be able to help both U23 and the Vietnamese team complete their tasks in the upcoming SEA Games and World Cup 2022 qualifiers.

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