Worry in the position of guarding the temple of Vietnam

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Dang Van Lam is currently not appreciated for his performance because he has not played for a long time. But no one is better than him right now.

Vietnam Tel has a headache with Dang Van Lam

It can be said that Coach Park Hang Seo and the coach of Vietnam Tel are quite worried about the position of the Vietnamese national team when the number 1 goalkeeper, Dang Van Lam, is not playing regularly at Cerezo Osaka.

The last time Lam ‘west’ was standing in front of Cerezo’s goal was in this team’s ‘gentle’ 5-0 victory over the youth team of the Guangzhou club in the group stage of the AFC Champions League 2021 in early July.

Since that match, Dang Van Lam continued to be friends with the bench because he could not compete with teammates Kim Jin Hyeon and Daisuke Matsui.

Worry at the position of guarding the temple of Vietnam Tel image
Having to sit out too much at Cerezo Osaka has had a big impact on Dang Van Lam
The fact that Van Lam is not allowed to play football regularly is really a concern for the Vietnam National Team, because in a specific position, not being able to play for a long time will definitely affect the quality of life. small to the feeling of the ball as well as the reflexes of the players.

What is more worrying is that before the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup, Dang Van Lam will not be able to return home soon to practice with his teammates, but he can only perform his national duty on the occasion of FIFA Days.

Due to the schedule in the Japanese league – J.League 1 lasts until August 28, it must be after this match that the goalkeeper born in 1993 can join forces with his teammates if he is called. In total, Dang Van Lam only had 4 days to gather with Vietnam Tel, including the time to travel from Japan to Qatar.

That’s not to mention the worst case scenario where there are more cases of Covid-19 infection in the Russian overseas Vietnamese goalkeeper’s team. Previously, for this reason, Lam ‘west’ was not called up to the team due to becoming F1. To ensure the safety of the Vietnamese team members, Coach Park Hang Seo did not call Van Lam, but gave the opportunity to goalkeeper Bui Tan Truong.

Therefore, it can be said that at this moment, the story of Dang Van Lam is causing a headache for Coach Park Hang Seo and his assistants. When the time between now and the competition between Vietnam and Saudi Arabia is still nearly two weeks away, who can say that Lam “west” will have the main catch before the wooden frame?

Difficulty with the REMOVE option

Unlike the rest of the playing positions, the goalkeeper position always needs a stability. But at this moment, can the Korean leader have absolute confidence in the 3 faces on the team?

Like the last military reunion before, Mr. Park continued to put his faith in Bui Tan Truong, Nguyen Van Toan and Nguyen Van Hoang. In case Dang Van Lam is not called, all three players will automatically have tickets to Saudi Arabia with Vietnam Tel.

Vietnam's goalkeeper
The goalkeeper position of Vietnam Tel is quite worrying

But if that happens, will any of them be able to replace a talented keeper like Lam ‘west’? It should be noted that while Dang Van Lam was not used at Cerezo, in the past two months, the current 3 goalkeepers of Vietnam Tel have not had the opportunity to play.

Due to the impact of the epidemic as well as the focused plan of Vietnam Tel, the V-League has not returned after the 12th round took place in early May. This has obviously affected the performance of the goalkeepers more or less.

They obviously don’t practice as much as Dang Van Lam, because even though they can’t play, the Russian overseas Vietnamese goalkeeper still plays every day with his teammates in Japan over the past few months.

While it was not until the beginning of August until now, goalkeepers Tan Truong, Van Toan and Van Hoang began to exercise heavily again. Before that, all three had little practice at the club due to the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Therefore, it can be said that the performance of the four goalkeepers in the hands of Coach Park Hang Seo at this time is very worrying. And who will the Korean leader trust to hold the wooden frame of Vietnam Tel in the competitions in September?

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