Vietnam Tel is firmly in the top of Asia even though it doesn’t play any matches

The Vietnamese women’s team maintains a high ranking on the FIFA rankings in August 2021, adding momentum towards the 2022 Asian Cup qualifiers.

The World Football Federation (FIFA) has just announced the August 2021 rankings for women’s teams. Although not many tournaments have taken place in recent times like men’s football, the ranking of the women’s teams has changed after the performances at the 2021 Olympics.

The US team continued to hold the No. 1 position in the world with 2110.25 points (minus 87.04 points) even though they could not successfully defend the 2021 Olympic women’s football gold medal. Sweden increased 3 places from 5th to 5th place. 2nd place in the world after the Olympic silver medal in 2021 with 2088.72 points (plus 78.2 points).

The owner of the Olympic women’s football gold medal at the 2021 Olympics, Canada rose to 6th place in the world from 8th place with 2021.22 points (plus 59.32 points).

Vietnam women’s team holds 6th place in Asia, 1st in Southeast Asia in FIFA rankings in August 2021

In Asia, the North Korean women’s team suddenly rose 2 places to 9th in the world, leading the continent despite not playing any matches. This is because the two teams Japan and China were relegated to 13th and 17th respectively in the world when they were eliminated early at the 2021 Olympics.

Vietnam women’s team maintain 32nd place in the world and 6th in Asia in the FIFA rankings in August 2021 with 1657 points. Coach Mai Duc Chung’s teachers and students maintain the title of “the eldest sister in Southeast Asia”, 7 places ahead of the Thai women’s team at 39th place in the world with 1596 points.

Currently, the Vietnamese women’s team is actively training in Hanoi to prepare for the 2022 Women’s Asian Cup Qualifiers, towards the 2023 Women’s World Cup Finals. The chances of the Vietnamese girls going forward are clear when they only meet. weaker rivals are Afghanistan, Tajikistan and the Maldives.


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