The Vietnamese women’s team is ahead of the Thai women’s team in the August FIFA rankings

Friday 20/08/2021 17:25(GMT+7)

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According to the FIFA rankings in August 2021, the Vietnamese women’s team ranks 6th in Asia.

In the FIFA rankings for August 2021, the Vietnamese women’s team remained at 32nd place in the world and 6th in Asia. The Vietnamese women’s team is behind the women’s teams of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Australia, Japan, China and South Korea, respectively, in Asia.

FIFA rankings of Vietnam Women's Team
Vietnam Women’s Team ranked 6th in Asia in FIFA rankings in August 2021.

The Thai women’s team is ranked 39th in the world and 7th in Asia (one level below the Vietnamese women’s team). The remaining teams in the top 10 in Asia are the Chinese Taipei, Uzbekistan and Myanmar women’s teams, respectively.

Currently, the Vietnamese women’s team is preparing for the 2022 Asian Cup qualifiers to be held in Tajikistan in September 2021. The 2022 Asian Cup is a tournament that counts as the 2023 Women’s World Cup qualifier.

To qualify for the 2022 Asian Cup, the Vietnamese women’s team will have to compete for the first place in the group with Tajikistan (host), Maldives and Afghanistan. All three teams in the same group as the Vietnamese women’s team are rated no higher than coach Mai Duc Chung’s teachers and students, so the chance to enter the 2022 Asian Cup is quite high.

Vietnam women's team.  Photo: VFF.
The Vietnamese women’s team is training to prepare for the 2022 Asian Cup qualifiers. Photo: VFF.
The 2022 Asian Cup finals will have 12 participating teams, including the 8 group winners in the qualifying round, and the 4 teams that get straight into the Indian women’s team (host), defending champion Japan, China and Australia. According to FIFA’s allocation, Asia will have 6 teams directly qualifying for the 2023 World Cup, including host Australia.

In addition, Asia will have 2 play-off teams competing with representatives of other continents to win tickets to the 2023 World Cup finals.

In the 2022 Asian Cup qualifiers, the Vietnamese women’s team will meet the women’s teams of Afghanistan (September 23), the Maldives women’s team (September 26) and the Tajikistan women’s team (September 29).

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