Thailand received a “salt” defeat before Van Hau and his teammates

Thailand U23 had to receive a bold 0-4 defeat against U23 Vietnam in the 2020 Asian U23 Qualifier.

VIDEO: U23 Vietnam won a big victory against Thailand U23 (Source: Next Sport)

In the last match of the 2020 Asian U23 Qualifier, U23 Vietnam has a difficult match against U23 Asia. However, with a lineup of many talented players, who created miracles in the 2018 Asian U23 Championship such as Dinh Trong, Quang Hai or Van Hau,… Park Hang Seo’s teachers and students won jubilantly 4- 4. 0 before the opponent.

Van Hau is still old enough to attend the 2022 Asian U23 Qualifier here, but it is likely that this player is not registered.

Up to now, these players are all grown up and are the core of the Vietnamese national team that is preparing to fight in the final qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup.

Quang Hai does not practice with the Vietnamese national team: Mr. Park worried?


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