Should Aroldis Chapman be traded so Jonathan Laisiga can close?

Aroldis Chapman perplexed grey uniform no sleeves

Aroldis Chapman perplexed grey uniform no sleeves

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Hi Mr. Martino. Should the Yankees trade Chapman, save some money, and put Loáisiga as closer? – @SEMATUS2020

Not a bad idea. Brian Cashman and his evaluators did a tremendous job restructuring their bullpen during the season, which should inspire confidence in their ability to do it again. From Chad Green to Clay Holmes, finding impact relievers has been a quiet strength of the Yankees front office.

Plus, the emergence of Loaisiga, Michael King and Holmes as elite relievers means that the bullpen will have more internal depth next year than perhaps was expected.


Another trick that Cashman has pulled several times of late is dumping salary to create room for other priorities. One of those salary dumps, Adam Ottavino, proved to be quite an asset for the Yanks while pitching for Boston last Sunday.

Considering Chapman is owed $16 million in 2022 in the final year of his contract, it would be worth exploring how much of that money another team would take. His stuff is still elite, but his inconsistency, both this season and overall in the postseason as a Yankee, would make it easier to part with him.

As for Loaisiga being the closer, he certainly has the stuff, but his history of shoulder issues gives you pause about relying on him in that important role.

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