Rookie shooting, does Coach Park need Cong Phuong?

Coach Park Hang Seo needs to consider calling Cong Phuong in the 3rd World Cup 2022 when two rookie strikers have both scored in the practice match of Vietnam.

Highlights UAE 3-2 Vietnam (World Cup 2022 Qualifiers) (Source: Next Media)

Vietnam Tel won a close 2-1 victory over U22 Vietnam in both matches on the evening of August 19. Notably, the rookie striker duo Tuan Hai and Tuan Tai made their mark with the goals that brought victory for the national team.

This is a positive signal for Vietnam Tel in the process of changing the gameplay and testing the personnel of Coach Park Hang Seo. The Korean strategist can be temporarily satisfied with the ability of rookies to integrate and adapt in tactical operations.

Tuan Hai scored to help Vietnam Tel win close to U22 Vietnam

Before the Vietnamese team gathered, Coach Park was surprised when he first crossed out the name of his beloved student Nguyen Cong Phuong from the summons list. Many people think that this is just a “psychological blow” when creating conditions for the Nghe striker to take care of his family, then call back to serve the team on the official list.

However, experts also said that it seems that Coach Park is ready for a new breakthrough in the Vietnamese attack. The 63-year-old leader has calculated to completely remove Cong Phuong in the first 2 matches of the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup and put his trust in Tuan Hai and Tuan Tai.

Cong Phuong welcomes great news-70003
Coach Park Hang Seo can take Cong Phuong in the 3rd match of the World Cup 2022

In the past, despite always receiving special support from Mr. Park, Cong Phuong often only played well when he was launched on the field from the bench. His position in Vietnam Tel at this time has many players who can play well such as Van Duc, Minh Vuong, Tuan Hai, Tuan Tai, etc., therefore, the selection of Cong Phuong in the next 2 matches is considered a not so necessary.

The two goals that rookie duo Tuan Hai and Tuan Tai scored in the last two friendly matches could be the solution to the “refreshing” problem that Coach Park Hang Seo is aiming for. Let’s wait for the military talent of the captain of the Vietnamese team in the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup.


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