Quang Hai does not practice with the Vietnamese national team: Mr. Park worried?

In an internal friendly match with U22 Vietnam, Quang Hai did not play for a minute, causing many people to worry.

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The Vietnam national team has just over a week left to prepare for the first match in the 2022 World Cup Qualifier against Saudi Arabia players. However, Coach Park Hang Seo continuously received bad news. Most recently, star midfielder Nguyen Quang Hai could not play for a minute in two friendly matches against U22 Vietnam on August 19.

Two internal matches with U22 Vietnam is a time for Coach Park Hang Seo to test his squad and tactics, so it is very important. With the star on the staff of Hanoi FC not being able to play with his juniors, many people are worried about the health of this player. Previously, in a training session on August 12, Quang Hai also had to practice separately with doctors.

Up to now, it is not clear why Quang Hai could not play with his teammates on August 19. However, many people expect the 1997 midfielder will not have any serious problems and can play in the trip to Saudi Arabia.

Quang Hai could not play in an internal friendly match with U22 Vietnam.

Over the years, Quang Hai has always been considered one of the brightest stars of Vietnamese football, although he does not have an ideal body, the player from Dong Anh plays extremely skillfully and always knows how to generate mutations.

As planned, on August 28, the Vietnamese national team will leave for Saudi Arabia to prepare for the first match.

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