Jake Paul rebuffs Dana White’s claim of wanting to fight for UFC, pushes again on issue of fighter pay

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The ongoing feud between YouTube star turned boxer Jake Paul and UFC president Dana White continues. The two have been at odds seemingly since Paul got into the boxing game with PPV events and claims of massive success. 

Now, things got even more testy when White claimed that Paul wanted to sign with UFC, but White would not do it. In an interview with CNBC where he was asked about fighter pay and was awkwardly asked about Paul fighting for him, White gave a strong retort.

“Hey, that bum didn’t fight for me! You gotta get your story straight!” White said to the interviewer. “He didn’t fight for me. He’s out there complaining about fighter pay, he wanted to sign with us. I wouldn’t sign him.”

Paul was fairly quick to reply with his own take on the story on social media on Thursday.

“Dana White … you may have bullied your way to controlling thousands of fighters’ careers, but I have never said I want to sign with the UFC, nor will I ever. Maybe I would consider letting you co-promote one [of] my events against a UFC champion like you did for Conor when he fought Floyd,” Paul wrote. “Because you wouldn’t let Conor actually do it himself without you taking your cut. You live in lies and every major fighter on your roster has complained about pay. Conor, [Jon] Jones, [Jorge] Masvidal, [Nate] Diaz, [Francis] Ngannou. You even make up fake belts to sell tickets instead of giving Amanda Nunes her opportunity to headline. 

“Remember Dana you were a cardio kickboxing instructor and didn’t even create the UFC (Gracie and Davie created it, the Fertittas saved it, and the fighters made it popular). YOU’RE a bald bum who can’t do an interview now without being asked about me. Pay your fighters more!”

Paul has long been an advocate of UFC fighters getting paid more than what they currently earn. In June, Sarah Alpar posted a GoFundMe to help her fight camp and travel for her upcoming UFC fight. Her original goal was $5,000 and Paul added just that amount her fund, which reached $34,201 as of June 30.

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