‘It’s too normal if Vietnam wins both matches’

The fans appreciate the attractiveness and unpredictable match between Vietnam and China in the final World Cup 2022.

HIGHLIGHT Vietnam 1-0 Malaysia | Final second leg of AFF Cup 2018 (Source VTV)

The Vietnam national team has officially gathered since August 15 to prepare for the third World Cup 2022 in Asia. The upcoming journey of Park Hang Seo’s teachers and students is extremely difficult. Because, the chance for us to participate in the 2022 World Cup is not much when we have to face strong opponents such as Japan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, China, Oman.

Sharing with us, sportingnewsau expert Josua Tomas has commented on the final Group B of the World Cup 2022. Accordingly, he highly appreciated the attractiveness of the match between Vietnam and China.

“If to evaluate this match, I think it will be very interesting. From the first day of the draw results, I was very surprised when the keyword ‘Vietnam vs China’ reached the top search on twitter. Since then, we have researched the reasons why this match is so hot.Indeed, the fans of both countries really want to see this match that can be considered a classic. .

As for the assessment of the correlation of forces as well as the level of the two teams, I think that the Chinese team is a bit better. However, it is not too surprising and normal if Vietnam Tel wins both matches, because China is now not allowed to play at home at the 2022 VL World Cup.

Besides, the performance of this team is not as good as Vietnam. China was almost eliminated in the 2nd VL, while Vietnam Tel played well from the beginning of the tournament and showed an impressive performance. I will personally take the time to watch this intense match“, expert Josua Tomas shared with us.

Asian expert: 'It's too normal if Vietnam wins both matches' 70398
The match between Vietnam and China received great anticipation from the NHM.

According to the original plan, Vietnam Tel will fly to Saudi Arabia on August 26. After going to Saudi Arabia, the Vietnamese team has about 7 days of practice before meeting the home team on September 2 at King Saud University Stadium.

Meeting West Asian opponents, Vietnam Tel is of course rated as the bottom door team. Because, the level and quality of the squad of Coach Park Hang Seo’s teachers and students is considered to be much lower than the opponent.

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