Hung Dung announced very happy news, with Vietnam Tel to kick the 3rd VL? World Cup

Midfielder Do Hung Dung has just set a time to return to the field after injury, promising to join Vietnam in the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup.

HIGHLIGHT Vietnam 0-0 Thailand | Qualifying World Cup 2022 (Source: VFF)

After a terrible injury in March 2021, midfielder Do Hung Dung is making positive changes in the process of recovery. The “Vietnam Golden Ball 2019” progressed well during recovery practice at PVF and the return time has been determined.

Sharing with the media, Hung Dung affirmed that he is feeling better day by day and is expected to return to the field in 2022, promising the ability to participate in the third qualifying matches of the 2022 World Cup. of Vietnam Tel in the last matches.

Hung Dung believes he can return to the field in 2022 (Photo: PVF)

On the homepage of Hanoi FC, the 27-year-old midfielder updated his recovery process at PVF: “The first few days, I had a bit of difficulty in the implementation. However, the doctors advised to take more time to rest and after 1 week all was improved.

I personally feel positive signs happening every day, but I will need more time to listen to my body, maybe you will see the image of Do Hung Dung back in the 2022 season.”

Thereby promising to compete with Vietnam Tel in the third qualifying round of the World Cup 2022

According to the plan, Hung Dung will have to practice recovery and have time to practice with the ball, regaining his fitness for about 5 months before he is in the best condition to officially return to the field. Recovery is expected to last through 2021.

Thus, if completely healthy after injury and in stable condition, Hung Dung can attend the last 4 matches of Vietnam Tel in case of being summoned by Coach Park Hang Seo.

Vietnam Tel will meet Australia on January 27, 2022, China on February 1, 2022, Oman on March 24, 2022 and Japan on March 29, 2022 in the last 4 matches.


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