Has the time of rookies arrived?

Mr. Park will experience a pleasant headache in purifying the squad before leaving for Saudi Arabia because the players have performed quite well in the closed friendly match, especially the rookies.

Quality green army

On the afternoon of August 19, the Vietnamese national team entered an important friendly match with their junior players, U22 Vietnam, under the guidance of assistant Kim Han-yoon. This match is an important rehearsal for the trials of Coach Park Hang Seo in the upcoming 2022 World Cup third qualifying campaign. This is also an opportunity for the players to prove themselves before the prize boat closes the list.

For professional reasons, the friendly match did not have any reporters covered. Mr. Park wants to completely close the door to the media so that tactical calculations are not revealed.

The epidemic broke out, so all football activities were almost stopped. So much so that the Vietnamese women’s team could not find the green team due to social distancing, so they had to rely on Thai Son Bac U15 futsal to have an audience.

Coach Park Hang Seo’s teachers and students are lucky to have quality green troops and ensure professional criteria (Photo: VFF)

Fortunately for the Vietnamese national team, at the same time, Vietnam U22 was also training to prepare for the Asian U23 qualifier. It must be said that the juniors are a very good team of green troops that Park Hang Seo’s teachers and students have at the present time because U22 also needs to practice to help the BHL assess the capacity of each player.

In fact, both the Vietnamese national team and U22 Vietnam have faced each other many times. If at the end of 2020, both friendly teams in the first leg and second leg format did not have much meaning, then the friendly match in May or the recent match was more important because Mr. place emphasis on expertise.

Accordingly, the Korean military leader used 2 formations to compete with assistant Kim Han-yoon’s students after 2 matches at 17:00 and 19:00. All testing took place in those matches and Coach Park Hang Seo must have partly found a suitable framework for the upcoming campaign.

Has the time of rookies arrived?

The friendly match between Vietnam national team and U22 Vietnam is the only chance to score points with rookies summoned by the strategist born in 1962. Everyone knows that Mr. Park values ​​stability in the tactical system. Even many players who are called up to the national team take a long time to get the main kick.

The pictures of Hai Long or Thanh Binh in the 2nd qualifying round, it can be seen that they did not have many opportunities, did not play for a minute even though they could go to the UAE with their seniors.

Therefore, Pham Tuan Hai, Ho Tuan Tai, Truong Van Thiet or many other players must have very convincing performances on the training ground or in friendly matches to partly change the mind of Mr. Park.

In both closed matches yesterday afternoon, the seniors defeated the U22s with a total score of 4-2. Ho Tuan Tai and Pham Tuan Hai at this time both scored when they were on the field to play. The victory may not mean much in terms of results, but coach Park Hang Seo has received optimistic signals.

The rookies had an impressive performance (Photo: VFF)
The rookies had an impressive performance (Photo: VFF)

Finally, the striker of TP. Ho Chi Minh City – Tuan Tai had his first goal when he was called back to the team. This is really a big boost for him because he has received so much criticism from the fans before. Most importantly, this shine will partly create a perfect competition for Tien Linh.

In the training sessions, Mr. Park had experiments for the position of a back striker. Cong Phuong or Tuan Hai is planned there. However, the players on the HAGL club staff may not be able to join the army, so Tuan Hai’s performance has scored a great deal with the Korean leader.

It is expected that Coach Park Hang Seo will eliminate 5-6 players and it is not surprising that rookies like Tuan Tai or Tuan Hai will join the team to go to Saudi Arabia when they have left a strong impression.

HAGL continues to prove its importance in Vietnam national team


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