HAGL bid farewell to ‘teacher Cong Phuong’ after 14 years of working together

Coach Guillaume Graechen terminated the contract with Hoang Anh Gia Lai after 14 years of attachment, mentoring generations of players such as Cong Phuong and Tuan Anh.

Highlights HAGL vs Binh Duong (Source: Next Media)

After 14 years of working, coach Guillaume Graechen officially said goodbye to HAGL. The French strategist will no longer be in charge of youth training at the Nui Street football team, which once brought success and resonance to the military leader born in 1977.

Sharing with the press, coach Graechen said: “My contract with HAGL expired on May 31, 2021. Both parties agree to terminate the contract. I’m still a member of JMG Academy.”

Coach Guillaume Graechen, often referred to as “teacher Jom”, came to Vietnam in 2007 when the HAGL-Arsenal JMG Football Academy was established. The French strategist was the one who discovered and mentored the first group of players with Cong Phuong, Tuan Anh, Xuan Truong, Van Toan, Van Thanh, etc.

Coach Graechen brings the style of Tuan Anh and Cong Phuong to the National U19 Championship Photo 1
Coach Graechen bid farewell to HAGL after 14 years of service

He also served as the head coach of the Vietnam U19 team, leading his talented students to delight Vietnamese football fans at that time with beautiful, attractive and fair-play gameplay.

Currently, Cong Phuong, Tuan Anh, Xuan Truong, Van Toan, Van Thanh, etc. have all grown up and are the mainstays of the Vietnamese team under coach Park Hang Seo. Many players have married, settled careers.

After parting with HAGL, Coach Graechen signed a contract with Nutifood JMG Football Academy in Ho Chi Minh City. He personally considers Vietnam as his second homeland. He married a Binh Dinh woman and has three children (2 sons and a daughter). In 2014, he applied for Vietnamese citizenship.


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