Close friend Xuan Truong received a ‘big gift’ from the former MU star

Xuan Truong’s close friend at Buriram United received great encouragement from Asian football legend – Park Ji Sung.

Thailand international Sasalak Haiprakhon has just moved from Buriram United club to Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors. Accordingly, Sasalak will wear the Korean championship shirt on a loan contract with a term of 6 months.

Recently, sharing on SMM Sport, Sasalak suddenly said: “Park Ji Sung saw that I was still worried and came to talk to me. He said that he had watched me play as a midfielder in some Buriram United matches.

I said that I don’t often play midfield and my forte position is still left-back or winger. Then he advised me not to worry and keep working hard.

Close friend Xuan Truong received a 'big gift' from former MU star 70412
Xuan Truong is close with Sasalak (Photo: Buriram United)

He asked me how I was and the difference between the Thai and Korean football environment. I replied that there was a big difference in fitness and pace of the game. I also have to try to get used to my new teammates. It was great for Park Ji Sung to come and talk to me.”

Before that, Sasalak and Xuan Truong used to be teammates when they both wore Buriram United. Football from the Golden Temple has many players abroad, but Sasalak is the second Thai player to play professionally in Korea. This player will inevitably be surprised and somewhat “overwhelmed”.

Therefore, the timely encouragement of former MU star Park Ji Sung is considered a great spiritual gift for Sasalak. Back to Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors, this is the strongest club in Korea with 8 times K.League and 2 times in the AFC Champions League.


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