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What did Messi and Suarez say about Barca before “everything changed”?

After winning the Copa America 2021, Lionel Messi’s family had a vacation with the family of his former teammate and longtime close friend Luis Suarez. Here, the Argentine superstar still believes that he will sign a new contract with Barca. He even revealed to Suarez that he wanted to stick with this place for the rest of his life. However, everything changed at the last minute, Barca were unable to sign Messi and let him leave on a free transfer due to not meeting La Liga’s salary requirements.

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Messi confidently reveals to Suarez that he will sign for Barcelona

“I was very surprised by what happened. He told me ‘I will finish my career at Barcelona, ​​that’s what I always wanted, the club has given me everything and my children are happy here’

However, everything changed dramatically. Leo loves the club, he owes Barcelona a lot that you can see in the farewell. He is the best player in the history of the club. He left with the uncertainty of what was going to happen because, obviously, the way it was preoccupied with him, that things changed from hour to hour,” Suarez told Diario. Sport.

Despite leaving Barca, but Suarez is happy that Messi is reunited with Neymar in the PSG shirt: “I am happy to see Mr. Leo playing there, more than anything. I also have a very good relationship with Neymar and I am very happy that he is having fun with Leo. Neymar has said that he would love to be with Messi one more time and he was able to fulfill that wish.”

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messi va suarez noi gi ve barca truoc khi moi thu thay doi2

Suarez surprised when Barca let Messi go

Until now, Suarez is still angry at Barca because of the way the old club treated him and recently they let Messi go. In a recent interview, the Uruguayan striker also criticized the old team: “They looked down on me, they pushed me to private practice to make me angry. Even when I was trained separately, I still practiced professionally. I believe in the law of cause and effect.”

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