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Refusing the number 10 shirt Messi left, Aguero chose a strange shirt number

After Messi left the Catalan team, the number 10 shirt he left at the team became the focus when currently, no star dared to own this number. As revealed by Pique, he asked Aguero to take over the shirt number of his close friend at the Catalan team, but the Argentine striker refused the honor.

Most recently, Aguero also showed off his new shirt number at the club through his personal Instagram page. Accordingly, in the 2021/22 season, the Tango striker will wear the number 19 shirt. This is a very strange number for this striker because in the past, he has never worn the number mentioned above.

During his past career, Aguero has only worn two shirt numbers, 10 and 16. In fact, the number 10 shirt has almost become a trademark for this player at teams, since he played for Independiente, Atletico Madrid and then Man City. During his early days at The Citizens, Aguero wore the number 16 shirt. Since the 2015/16 season, he has switched to the number 10 shirt.

tu choi ao so 10 messi de lai aguero chon so ao la 1

Aguero refused to wear the number 10 shirt that Messi left at the team

Now, despite being asked to wear that familiar shirt number, Aguero suddenly refuses. Perhaps because he was “afraid” of the pressure from the number that Messi had become so great at the club. Therefore, this striker chose for himself some somewhat different shirts.

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With Aguero, he has yet to make his debut for a new team. Currently, the Argentine striker is being treated for a right calf injury. Accordingly, the striker will have to take a break from playing until at least November before he can re-appear.

tu choi ao so 10 messi de lai aguero chon so ao la

Instead, he chose the number 19

In the context that Aguero does not take over the number 10 shirt at Barcelona, ​​the Catalan giants are planning to give this number to another South American, that is Brazilian midfielder Philippe Coutinho.

Instead of letting the star go, Koeman and the board wanted to give Coutinho one more chance to prove himself.

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