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Messi received a message from Ramos after joining PSG

Messi has officially joined PSG and becomes the 5th rookie in the summer transfer window of 2021 of the French capital team. Although he arrived at the club in a free form, he was the most blockbuster contract this summer because his reputation and class were confirmed.

Notably, at the Park of the Princes next season, Messi will have the opportunity to side with Sergio Ramos – former Real Madrid midfielder. These are two names that had a lot of collisions when they were still wearing the two giants in Spain and encountered each other in super classic matches.

The prospect of Ramos becoming Messi’s teammates at PSG is what makes not only the fans of this club but also many football fans excited. Most recently, the Argentine striker has just received a message from Ramos after joining the Paris team.

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Ramos shared a message to Messi on his personal Twitter page

Specifically, sharing on his personal Twitter page, Ramos posted a photo of PSG’s next season’s shirt with his and Messi’s names placed right next to each other with a brief status line: “Who would have thought this, right? no Leo?”. Of course, the Spanish midfielder also did not forget to tag Messi in some of his posts.

The message Ramos sends, though brief, is also full of meaning. Through the above status line, the former Real captain himself is very excited at the prospect of playing football with the former Barcelona captain. In addition, he is very hungry to play and coordinate with Messi to help the team get victories.

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Their collaboration next season will be worth the wait

Certainly, the combination of Ramos and El Pulga in the 2021/22 season will receive great attention from the media as well as fans. They are two bright hopes of PSG and are also experienced names, promising to help the Parisian team conquer the prestigious Champions League title.

Most recently, Ramos had an injury and had to take a break for about 6 weeks. Therefore, it is likely that he can only play with Messi in a new shirt around the end of September or even the beginning of October.

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