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Comments on Bayern vs Bochum 20:30 on September 18, Bundesliga

Comments on Bayern vs Bochum

Bayern are in the process of reclaiming the top of Wolfburg’s table with consecutive victories. Immediately after sharing the points with the underrated team, Monchegladbach in the opening match, the “Gray Lobster” returned with a convincing victory over Dortmund with a score of 3-1 in the German Super Cup. Not stopping there, Julian Nagelsmann’s army also extended their unbeaten streak to 7, including a 12-0 destructive victory over amateur team Bremer in the German Cup and most recently defeated Barca with a score of 3-0 in the Champions League.

According to the bookmaker, with the current Bayern’s god-like performance, the upcoming task with Bochum will be quite easy. Moreover, this will be an opportunity for the home team to preserve the force to give opportunities to young players who are sitting on the bench.

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On the away side, Bochum is struggling with 13th place in the rankings with 3 points obtained after 4 rounds. With 3 defeats and only 1 win, the performance of the players on the Bochum side went down significantly. Especially when the upcoming Bayern match will be a very difficult challenge for Bochum, although the best goal that the visitors can aim for is a draw.

According to German football betting experts, Bayern is rated overwhelmingly compared to Bochum. Specifically, in the last 10 confrontations, the Bavarian team won 9 victories and 1 draw, while Bochum did not have any trophies. Besides, Bayern scored 30 goals and conceded 10 goals in the confrontation with Bochum.

Recent form of Bayern vs Bochum

According to the statistics of the bookie’s football assessment, the popular Asian handicap is Bayern handicap Bochum 3 goals. Although the home team’s dazzling performance in recent times is undeniable, the way they make money for players is still not convincing enough. Specifically, in the last 10 matches played at the Allianz nest, Bayern only got 5/10 wins, conceding 14 goals. Therefore, choosing Bochum will be safer for players.

On the other side of the front line, Bochum is a weak team but not easily bullied. According to the data of kqbd7m, the away team is unbeaten in the last 6/10 matches, in which they only conceded a maximum of 3 goals in 1 match. Recorded from the ball 88 shows that the odds for this match are very high, up to 4.5 goals. With this match, choosing a talent will still be a reasonable option when in the last 10 encounters between Bayern and Bochum, all 10 times ended with a goal scenario.

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