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Comments Bilbao vs Barcelona 03:00 on August 22, La Liga

Identify Bilbao vs Barcelona

Barcaelona are showing, it turns out, they can live well without Messi, at least these days. The proof is that Barcelona beat rivals Sociedad to 4-2 in the first match in La Liga 2021/22, also their first match in La Liga post-Messi.

According to Spanish football betting experts, one of the reasons why Barcelona won so big was because the Nou Camp home team regularly beat Sociedad in recent clashes. But this match, when Barcelona have to go to Bilbao, the real challenge comes.

.’s recent form Bilbao vs Barcelona

Compared to Sociedad, Bilbao has a much better record against Barcelona. Recorded from the bookie, this Basque team has won 2 matches and drawn 1 match in the last 7 encounters with Barcelona, ​​while Sociedad has lost all of the last 5 encounters with this Catalan giant.

nhan dinh bilbao vs barcelona 22 8 2021

Moreover, Bilbao also has the home advantage, which Sociedad did not have when he had to be a guest of Barcelona in the opening match. Statistics from the bookie’s football assessment show that Bilbao won 3 and drew 1 in the last 7 times to welcome Barcelona, ​​calculated in all arenas.

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Thanks to that achievement, Bilbao also won the Asian match in 4 of the 7 matches against Barcelona at the home stadium mentioned above. This means that, choosing Bilbao is not a bad choice, especially in the context that Barcelona are accepting Bilbao up to 1/2 left according to the Asian rafters in the match at 03:00 on August 22.

Being a guest always makes it difficult for Barcelona, ​​even if they still have superstar Lionel Messi. Statistics from the rate bong88 show that this Catalan giant only won the Asian match in 1 of the last 5 trips away from home in all fronts. It is a warning sign with heavy warning for those who want to take the upper door in this match between Bilbao and Barcelona.

For those who still have faith in Barcelona, ​​the following statistics from kqbd7m may also make them think again. The closest team to defeat Barcelona in the first away match in La Liga is Bilbao. That was when Bilbao defeated Barcelona with a score of 1-0 in the second round of La Liga 2019/20.

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