5 Best Free Fire pet abilities for aggressive characters

Aggressiveness and holding back are part of Free Fire. The former option has a better pay-off while the latter is more risk-free but with low chances of wins. There are specific characters that suit a particular strategy.

There are plenty of aggressive characters in Free Fire that are considered overpowered. Characters like Alok, Wukong, Chrono, Skyler, and many more play a crucial role whenever players rush on their enemies.

However, even the strongest characters in Free Fire require tactical support in the game. Players can choose a suitable pet to accompany their characters for better results.

Pets in Free Fire: Which are the best options to accompany the aggressive characters

5) Falco (Skyline Spree)

Falco - Skyline Spree (Image via Free Fire)
Falco – Skyline Spree (Image via Free Fire)

There is an in-game advantage of early landing whenever gamers use Falco. Landing early in a game provides an edge to players over their opponents. Falco’s Skyline Spree skill upscales the gliding and diving speed after the parachute opens by 15% and 25%, respectively.

Gamers can further improve the buffs in gliding and diving speed of a player to 45% and 50% after maximizing the skill level. However, players need to remember that Falco is only beneficial in Classic Battle Royale games.

4) Detective Panda (Panda’s Blessings)

Detective Panda - Panda
Detective Panda – Panda’s Blessings (Image via Free Fire)

The adorable Panda of Free Fire has a pretty excellent skill for aggressive characters. Panda’s Blessings restores as much as four HP with each kill.

This Four HP gain can prove to be crucial later in the game. In addition to that, players can increase the restored HP to 10 per kill at the maximum skill level.

3) Waggor (Smooth Gloo)

Mr. Waggor - Smooth Gloo (Image via Free Fire)
Mr. Waggor – Smooth Gloo (Image via Free Fire)

Whenever players receive damage, get outnumbered, or are downed by the opponents, gloo walls come to their rescue. It also plays a crucial role for aggressive characters to create confusion among their enemies. However, the unavailability of gloo walls can prove to be disadvantageous in Free Fire.

Players can opt for Mr. Waggor to resolve this issue. At the initial level, Mr. Waggor’s Smooth Gloo skill produces one gloo wall grenade every 120 seconds. The production time can further be decreased to 100 seconds at the third skill level.

2) Beaston (Helping Hands)

Beaston - Helping Hands (Image via Free Fire)
Beaston – Helping Hands (Image via Free Fire)

Beaston’s Helping Hands skill is quite crucial for aggressive characters. The ability increases the range of throwables like flashbang, gloo wall, smoke, and explosive grenades.

The increase in range is 10% at level 1, of which players can further enhance to 30% at level 3. The increased capability of throwables is pretty helpful while rushing.

1) Ottero (Double Blubber)

Ottero - Double Blubber (Image via Free Fire)
Ottero – Double Blubber (Image via Free Fire)

Players can enable Ottero’s Double Blubber to receive a gain in EP while they use healing equipment. The EP gain is excellent for aggressive characters because of its importance during the rush gameplay.

At the first level of the skill, the gain in EP is 35% of recovered HP, which further shoots up to 65% of HP recovery at the third skill level. In Free Fire, EP converts into HP over time.

Note: This list is not in any particular order and reflects the writer’s opinion.

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