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Subscribe And Save Program Information

1) Why sign up for the Subscribe And Save Program?

Subscribe And Save is the most convenient and affordable way to get your paleo essentials! We
developed the “Subscribe And Save” program to be flexible so that you can seamlessly fit it into
your lifestyle and get the best deals that Paleovalley offers at the same time! Here’s how it

  • Your first order will ship immediately and the subsequent orders will be set to your chosen
    frequency, tailored to your routine.
  • No need to stress over trying to find the best deal on your Paleovalley products. You will
    always lock into the best pricing available at the time your order is shipped.
  • You enjoy additional savings on every order while saving time with our convenient program.
  • You always have complete control over your deliveries and will receive pre-shipment emails
    before we place your scheduled orders. You can change your delivery frequency and quantity
    in the ‘My Account’ account section of our site. Changes to orders can be made anytime within
    24 hours of the next scheduled shipment date. You can easily cancel at any time online with
    just the click of a button.

2) How do I sign up for Paleovalley Subscribe And Save?

Signing up for Paleovalley Subscribe And Save is simple. Just select the Subscribe And Save
option on the item detail pages of your favorite products and the frequency you want to have
products delivered. Then check out as you normally would. You will receive a separate email
showing any Paleovalley Subscribe And Save items and their delivery schedules.

4) Will I receive any notification before shipment?

Yes, you will receive an email notification 48 hours before your next order is placed. This will
allow you enough time to add/edit your order before it’s shipped to your door

5) What price will I receive on my items at the time Subscribe And Save ships?

You will always receive Paleovalley’s lowest price on items that are part of your Subscribe And
Save shipment. Various promotions and sales (email specials, Facebook promos, one-time
sales, etc.) are excluded from the Subscribe And Save program. However, most promos will be
applicable to your first order and then your following Subscribe And Save orders will continue at
our regular lowest price.

6) How do I access Subscribe And Save items?

As a registered Paleovalley customer, simply login to your account. On your My Account page
you will see all of your Subscribe And Save products and orders. On this page you can update
billing information, shipping information, change quantities/variations, change duration, and change the
schedule of your orders. You have complete control in your “My Account” tab.

7) How do I cancel?

You can cancel Paleovalley Subscribe And Save orders or individual items at any time.
To cancel an order, go to the My Account tab at the top of the member’s area and click the
“Edit Next Order” link underneath the Subscribe And Save order, then click “Cancel Item” to remove the item from the order.
You will need to confirm the cancellation by simply completing the confirmation form.

Account Updates

8) How do I combine items to be in the same order?

Paleovalley Subscribe And Save items that have the same order date, shipping address, billing
address and payment method will ship as one order.

If you have more than one Paleovalley Subscribe And Save item and want them to ship in the
same order, simply go to the My Accounts tab in Paleovalley member’s area and change the
next order dates to be the same. Also, confirm the orders are going to the same shipping and
billing addresses.

9) Can I add items for future deployment to an existing subscription?

At this time, you cannot add an item to Subscribe And Save without placing an order. When you
place an online order for the item(s) you wish to add, it must be included in the Subscribe And
Save program. Because you’re purchasing the item(s) now, the order will ship immediately.

10) How do I change how often an item is sent?

You can change how frequently an item is sent in the My Account section by updating the
Delivery Frequency in the pull down menu for each item.

11) How do I view my future deliveries?

You can view your future orders in the My Account section online. Your very next scheduled
order will be showing when you go to the page.

12) How do I change the email address for order reminder emails?

You can change the email address for order reminder emails in the My Account section on our

13) How do I change my shipping address?

You can change your shipping address for all Paleovalley Subscribe And Save orders.

To change the shipping address for an order, go to the My Account section and click “Edit Next Order” inside your Subscribe & Save order.
You will see the shipping address for that individual item. Click “Edit Shipping Address” and enter the new shipping address.

14) How do I change my billing address?

You can change your billing address for Paleovalley Subscribe And Save orders or individual

To change the billing address, go to the My Account tab and click the Edit Icon next to “Billing Address” to enter your new billing


15) When do items ship for delivery?

Any items scheduled for delivery will be placed for shipment on the next order date. Once your
Paleovalley Subscribe And Save order is placed for shipment it will usually ship within 24 hours.
All Paleovalley Subscribe And Save orders ship by USPS Priority Mail and typically arrive within
1-3 days of shipment. You can view and modify the next order date for an individual item in the
My Account section.

16) How do I change an order date?

You can easily change when your next order is sent if you need it sooner or later than the
scheduled shipping date. Simply go to the My Account section of your account. Select the “Edit Next Order” link to change the
next order date.

17) How do I skip a delivery?

If you need to skip a delivery, go to the My Account section. Click the “Edit Next Order” for your Subscribe & Save order and choose your next order date from the calendar.
You won’t receive the order until the following order date.

18) Will I be notified of backordered items that are scheduled for delivery?

When a product scheduled for delivery becomes backordered or otherwise unavailable on the
day it ships, you will be notified via email.


19) What types of payment are accepted for Subscribe And Save?

All Subscribe And Save subscription programs require a credit or debit card for payment.
Alternative payment forms, such as PayPal and WU Pay, cannot be accepted.

20) How do I change the credit or debit card for my orders?

Currently we offer one card for payments, which can be changed by going to “My Account” and click the edit icon next to “Card Details”.

21) When will I be charged for orders?

Orders will only be billed to the credit card or deducted from the debit card on the day the order
is shipped. You can cancel any order up to 24 hours before the next order date.

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