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Leather Repair Patch Adhesive for 2pcs=$25.9

Seamless repairment for your favourite leather items.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Our leather repair patch is soft enough and high viscosity, so you can cut it into various shapes with scissors easily. Also leather patch kit has the fibre that can make the peel patch tougher and abrasion resistance.


Even small damage can destroy the whole look of your leather item. Now you can instantly rescue it with Leather Repair Patch Adhesive.


Leather Repair Patch Adhesive is designed to repair any scratch, crack, and tear on the leather item. It can be cut into the shapes that you like to create a seamless repairment. It’s made of PU material so the result is waterproof. Simply peel and stick it on. Leave it to set. It’ll hold up well for months.

  • Quick Repair:
    Covers scratch or holes easily. Just a few seconds, the self-adhesive bonding can instantly rescue your furniture.
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  • Seamless Result:
    Hides the holes without curling, seam, or any uneven surfaces.
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  • Can Be Reshaped:
    Can be cut into different shapes to ensure there are no obvious patches.
  • Waterproof:
    Made of high-quality PU leather which is waterproof.
  • Durable:
    The result is soft and not easy to be torn.
  • Widely Applicable:
    Not only leather, works well on vinyl, and many other upholstery fabrics.
  • Easy to Use:
    Just peel off and stick on the area that needs to be repaired. 
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  • Materials: PU self-adhesive leather
  • Size: 1.38M X 0.5M
  • Colour: Black, Dark Brown, Dark Blue, Lake Blue, Brown, Gray, Burgundy, Coffee, Red, White, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Green, Dark Red, Rose Pink, Light Pink, Blue, Purple


  • 1x Leather Repair Patch Adhesive


    1.Clean the damaged surface
    2.Cut the dsired shape
    3.Peel and stick.Premium self-adhesive repair patch help you cope with all kinds of scratches or hole problems easily.


    🔔Tips:please clean the object and keep dry before pasting

    For a three-seat sofa, it is recommended that you use 3 sheets of 20×55inches Leather repair patch



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