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Assembly-free magnetic phone holder

Secure your phone with the most reliable magnetic adhesion in the smallest holder!

Solve all the problems you have with installing an unstable large phone holder in your car! Experience a freely adjustable, practical and smallest phone holder that you have ever seen!

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Thanks to the improved nano-adhesive technology , your phones will stay securely attached without leaving any adhesive residue on your beloved bike! Enjoy a strong magnetic adhesive that takes seconds to install!

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  • This holder consists of 6 powerful, original E-magnets in the middle and protects your device perfectly, no matter how bumpy your ride is. Strong, long-lasting magnetic force makes it a reliable friend wherever you need it.
  • Rotates your display with a free 360 ​​° rotation with just one hand for the perfect position and viewing angle! Unlike most phone holders, this one is easily adjustable!
  • You can use this holder not only for cars but also for kitchen, toilet, closet, desk and any flat surface! This phone holder supports all types of phones regardless of the models!
  • Keep up with full device protection with the soft silicone surface that reduces damage and abrasion to your device and walls!
  • Unlike the normal phone holder , this holder is small enough to hold your phone without blocking the ventilation slots and ensures even air circulation in the car.
  • Real nano-adhesive technology brings you a non-marking, unbeatable adhesion! Do you want to put it somewhere else? It restores the adhesion after quick rinsing with water!
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  • Weight: 200G
  • Color: Silver Black, Silver, Rose Gold
  • Size: 7CM * 1.8CM * 0.5CM
  • Materials: zinc alloy, N50 magnet, silica gel
  • Package: 1 * a phone holder

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