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Without playing at home, the Chinese team still has a special advantage over Vietnam

(Country) – The fact that the Chinese team cannot play at home does not necessarily put them at a disadvantage in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

The Chinese team has received Qatar’s consensus on choosing Doha as the venue for home matches in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. In the immediate future, the Chinese Football Federation has determined to use a neutral ground in two turns. the first match against Japan (September 7) and Vietnam (October 7).

For the best preparation, the Chinese team is ready to be stationed in Doha for a period of more than a month, from August 26 to the end of the match against Vietnam. Not being able to play in China, the players will lose the mental advantage, this is what the federation leaders are still wondering, they are making the last efforts to be allowed to hold the match in the country. home yard. However, in bad luck, the fitness of the whole team will be guaranteed to the highest level if playing on a neutral field.

Without playing at home, the Chinese team still has a special advantage over Vietnam - Photo 1.

Chinese players are allowed to spend a long time in Doha (Photo: Sina)

China does not need to travel long distances to compete if stationed in Doha. They meet Australia here, then will wait for Japan to come to play. Coach Li Tie’s army continued to stay in Qatar to welcome Vietnam and then moved a short distance to Saudi Arabia to be a guest. Fitness is not worn out after long flights, being able to practice continuously without paying attention to isolation regulations is a great advantage for the Chinese team.

Meanwhile, Vietnam Tel has many difficulties in moving. Right in the first match, coach Park Hang-seo and his students went to Saudi Arabia by a 17-hour flight. Then back to Vietnam by the same itinerary. In the second match, Vietnam Tel will have to go to Qatar and Oman to play away.

Graphics: Phuc Pham

Graphics: Phuc Pham


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