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Which big man does MU encounter in the Champions League group stage 2021/22?

By being in the second seed group, Manchester United can avoid encountering many big men in the Champions League group stage 2021/22.

Manchester United end the 2020/21 season with second place in the Premier League standings. Therefore, coach Solskjaer’s army will be in the second seed group in the Champions League season 2021/22.

In this group with Man United there are other notable teams including: Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Juventus, PSG, Liverpool, Sevilla and Dortmund. This also means that the Red Devils will avoid these formidable opponents in the Champions League group stage 2021/22.

man united
Man United can be in a “breathable” group (Image: Internet)

Besides, according to UEFA’s regulations, in the Champions League group stage, teams from the same country and territory will not be able to meet, for that reason, even though Man City and Chelsea are in the same group. one, however, MU will not have to face these two formidable opponents.

Thus, in general, the big men that Man United may have to face in the Champions League group stage only have 3 notable names left: Bayern Munich, Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid. Meanwhile, if they are lucky in the draw, MU will not have to clash with all three of the big guys mentioned above because in the number one seed group there are still 3 more agreeable opponents including Villarreal, Lille and Sporting Lisbon. .

Besides, in the remaining two seed groups, the Red Devils may also have to face opponents like RB Leipzig, Ajax, Porto or AC Milan. Remember last season, the Red Devils had to admit defeat to Leipzig in the Champions League group stage and soon had to stop, for that reason, coach Solskjaer’s teachers and students will have to be careful before all opponents in this year’s tournament.

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