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Lukaku wears an unlucky number at Chelsea

“I feel very happy and lucky to wear the number 9 shirt at Chelsea,” Lukaku said briefly at the latest press conference in London.

Immediately after the former owner named Tammy Abraham moved to AS Roma for £ 36 million, Chelsea’s number 9 shirt officially belonged to rookie Lukaku.

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The striker born in 1993 started liking the number 9 when he was still wearing the Belgium U21 team in 2009. Lukaku also wore this number when he joined Manchester United (2017-2019) and Inter Milan (2019-2021).

But this is not the lucky number in Chelsea history. With the exception of Abraham, every player wearing the number 9 shirt at Stamford Bridge since 2007 has only left Chelsea fans with the word “disappointed”.

Football player Battle Goal Assist Transfer price
Khalid Boulahrouz (2006/07) 23 0 0 11.88 million pounds from Hamburg
Steve Sidwell (2007/08) 25 first first

Free from Reading

Franco Di Santo (2008-2010) 16 0 first £4.05m from Audax Italiano
Fernando Torres (2010-2015)


45 35

£52.65m from Liverpool

Falcao (2015/16) twelfth first 0 £6.3m on loan from AS Monaco
Alvaro Morata (2017/18)


24 6 £59.4m from Real Madrid
Gonzalo Higuain (2018/19) 18 5 0 £7.02m on loan from Juventus

Abraham himself was also expected by fans to soon become “Didier Drogba II” when wearing the “cursed” shirt number at Chelsea.

But the English striker began to lose his starting position (from 47 games in the 2019/20 season to 32 in the 2020/21) season since Timo Werner arrived at Stamford Bridge last summer (from RB Leipzig for a price 47.7 million pounds).

Lukaku wears an unlucky number at Chelsea - Photo 3.

The reason comes from the fact that Abraham suffered an ankle injury that caused the striker born in 1997 to be out of action for 145 days (February 26 – June 6, 2020 February 21 – April 5, 2021).

Former Aston Villa and Swansea City striker also had to leave Chelsea to “clear the way” for Lukaku. Can the former Everton star “break the curse” of the number 9 shirt at Chelsea?

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When he first joined Chelsea (2011-2014), Lukaku wore the number 18 shirt in the first team and only wore the number 9 shirt when playing for the U23 team.

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